Are you looking for an interior product that can give your kitchen or bathroom an elegant upgraded look without costing a fortune? We suggest you try glass kitchen and bathroom splashbacks.
Glass splashbacks and upstands have become the latest trend in kitchens and bathrooms. 

Made from glass these splashbacks are easy to fit and can be cleaned with just a cloth and warm soapy water - no scrubbing required. Ideal for domestic bathroom and kitchen environments.

tick.pngAvailable in a large range of vibrant and modern colours.
tick.pngLooks fantastic - High grade, high gloss look.
tick.pngScrews or glues to your kitchen or bathroom wall.
tick.pngEasier than tiles and stainless steel.
tick.pngDoesn't dull with the passing of time
tick.pngSeamless Surfaces - Safe for all kitchens and bathrooms.
tick.pngVery hard to scratch.
tick.pngLight durable and waterproof.
tick.pngRepels dust much more than tiles and Stainless Steel.
tick.pngWipe Clean With Water - no more grouting.
tick.pngDoesn't suffer from greasy dirty finger prints.
tick.pngComes in large panels (rather than lots of seperate panels.).
tick.pngUsed with all types of hobs even Gas Hobs option.

Splashback example colours