Sliding Doors

tick.pngAll doors glazed with toughened safety-glass as standard.

tick.pngAll doors fitted with a multi-point locking system as standard.

tick.png2, 3 or 4 panel options with both internal and external handles.

tick.pngLow-maintenance PVC-U and Aluminium frames.

tick.pngFully-reinforced with galvanised steel or aluminium.

tick.pngSave energy with the combination of double-glazing and
PVC-U frames.

Image of PVC-U sliding door
Image of PVC-U sliding door

Sliding doors are a window onto the world. It opens and closes effortlessly, disclosing great views onto the patio or garden.
It allows you to enjoy all the fresh air that you want while simultaneously ensuring that you are warm and comfortable when the weather turns cold.
Every door whether slide, lift and slide or tilt and slide has been designed to look good and perform superbly year after year, a quiet statement of style and quality that can’t help but impress.

We have a wide range of beautiful frame colours to choose from.....

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